4 Steps To Prepare For A Saliva Test

Mouth swab test is a relatively new method of administering a drug test but its popularity has been on the rise in the recent times, because in contradistinction to other forms of drug test, a saliva test is cheaper and more convenient to administer. Also, the fact that it is non-invasive and the results can be determined instantly is another significant reason as to why its popularity is on an ascendant trend and many employers use it for pre-employment test nowadays. But if you want to comprehend how can the individual successfully prepare for it or in other words how to pass a mouth swab drug test, the subsequent tips are some of the most recommended and proven ways to do this.

  1. Wait for the contaminated body to purify itself from all the drugs, as majority of them will naturally clear out of your system over a determined period of time, which ranges generally from few days to over a week until getting completely clean saliva depending on the type of toxin. If you prepare to undergo a drug test in approximately a week’s time, it is imperative to stop using any kind of prohibited substances immediately (just to be confident), since most of them become undetectable in your oral liquid after 24-48 hours, while the leftovers will have cleared from the system in 7-10 days.
  2. Use a detox product, because a generous quantity of detoxifying products such as mouthwashes have been extremely effective in clearing any traces of drugs in saliva samples, however majority of them require attentive timing as they are prone to backfire if you are not watchful. For instance, the effectiveness of a detox mouthwash product usually begins from the first 10 minutes of usage and may continue for up to 60 minutes, but the most efficient time to take the test is approximately 30 minutes after using the product irrespective of the quantity of drug taken. It is imperative that you carefully examine all the instructions and directions for your mouthwash before using it.
  3. Stop taking medications, especially prescribed ones, since in most instances any form of medication may influence the outcome of a mouth swab drug test, because they contaminate your saliva with various toxins and this would probably cause the false-positive result. If you seriously prepare for a saliva drug test, it is advisable to stop your medication treatment for a few days before undergoing a test. Alternatively, you should obligatorily inform your physician or examiner that you take certain questionable medications before the testing procedure is conducted.
  4. Avoiding drug intake is an obvious, though impractical as it may sound, step to prepare to passing a mouth swab (as well as any other) drug test, not to mention that it is obviously the best way to relax and never worry about random drug screenings. However, it does not guarantee 100 percent effectiveness as about 5 percent of people taking a drug test fail, notwithstanding that they are not necessarily guilty, because some foods and common prescription drugs can strongly influence the test and generate false-positive result. It is always extremely important to take utmost precaution before going to pass a mouth swab test even if you were abstinent recently or have never used illegal substances at all.

If you have failed your saliva swab test, there is no reason for panic and capitulation, since according to statistics more than five percent of saliva tests are false-positives, what consequently means that your result may be a misapprehension and in practice you are probably clean from toxins. In such circumstances you should act like you’re embarrassed and tell the tester that you have intaken some prescription drugs, medications, quinine water or questionable foods containing hemp oil, which are proven to cause false-positive result and asseverate that you had never used drugs or other illicit substances. Oral swab tests are not approved by the Department of Transportation and is not recommended for application in federally mandated tests, so you can demand the confirmation test in order to demonstrate that you’re innocent and claim for a lawyer if you’re refused to conduct it. The confirmation test must be conducted on urine specimen, since it is well-known as the most comfortable to replace or adulterate and consequently mislead the ones who test you.